​12:30 -  Booth Tour 

1:00  -  Welcome  -  Cornelia Garza - Texas Dept. of Family Protective Services/Faith Specialist  


1:30  -  Pastor Michael Dean ​ ​- ​ ​Celebrate Recovery 


2:00  -  JoAnn Cole Vice President of Buckner Children and Family Services​   -  ​Solutions for Vulnerable Children


2:45  -  Rabbi Claudio Kogan​  ​-   Child Abuse In the​ Faith Community​

3:30​ ​ -  John Schwider, Royal Family Kids​  -  Confronting Abuse and Changing Lives


4:15​  ​-  Bishop Aaron Blake and Pastor Alex Blake​  -  CAREPORTAL ​Connecting Faith with Child Welfare



5:00  -  Dismiss for final Booth Tour

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Cornelia garza.jpg
Cornelia Garza
Dr. Claudio Kogan
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JoAnn Cole
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Pastor Alex Blake
Bishop Aaron Blake
John Schwider

2017 Guest speaker, Henry “Hank” Whitman serves as the commissioner for DFPS. He spent 22 years with the Texas Department of Public Safety. A decade of that time was spent serving as a Texas Ranger. In 2011, he was named chief of the Texas Rangers.   

2016  Guest speaker,  Bishop Aaron Blake, helped us launch a powerful program called CarePortal that helps churches actually minister and meet needs of abused children and broken families.  Learn more at www.careportal.org

Past Seminars Featured:

Faith Summit 2017
Henry "Hank"  Whitman
Faith Summit 2016/18 
CarePortal Co-founder, Bishop Aaron Blake
Faith Summit 2015 
ACE Overcomers Author, David Lockridge

2015 Guest speaker,  Dave Lockridge, has a curriculum that is helping adult  and teen victims of child abuse heal.  Easy to use. Powerful results.

Learn more  at www.aceovercomers.com