Pastor Michael Dean

Mike Mary K photo bio.jpg

Michael Dean has been involved in Celebrate Recovery for 21 years.  His career started as an addict off the streets looking for help.  Through the Alcoholic Anonymous program he found his sobriety and his faith. 


In 1997, Celebrate Recovery, a Christ-centered Recovery program was introduced to him by his Senior Pastor, Kenny Lewis.  Since June of that year, he and his wife, Mary K. Dean have served faithfully in this ministry guiding and counseling hundreds of people through their hurts, hang-ups and habits.


In 2007 Michael became the Celebrate Recovery Pastor at his church and a State Representative for Celebrate Recovery for South Texas. During this time, he taught at his church and helped others start this ministry as well. He coached, guided and counseled with anyone interested in starting and maintaining their ministry. He served as the State Rep until 2013 and is now fully focused on the Celebrate Recovery ministry at his home church, Brownsville Community Fellowship.


Today, Michael celebrates 23 years of sobriety from alcohol and drug addiction and continues to guide other as they make the choice to get out of their addictive lifestyles. He and his wife have been married for 38 years and have a married daughter in Washington State. His entire family has served in this ministry from day o


Celebrate Recovery is a 12-step program based on the Beatitudes from the book of Matthew.  The 8 recovery principles are founded on these principles. Celebrate Recovery was founded in 1991 at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest California by John Baker.  This program is designed to help anyone struggling with hurt, pain or addiction of any kind. Many of the addiction issues we deal with include alcohol addiction, drug addiction, gambling addiction, sexual addiction and food addiction. We also deal with co-dependency and anger to name a few.